There's no sound switching from one pedalboard to another while still playing



My MOD DUO has several pedalboards loaded. When I’m going to switch from one pedalboard to another using the footswitch while I’m still playing, there’s two seconds of silence until the next pedalboard is loaded. For this reason I can not use the pedal in live shows because there are songs where I have to change the sound several times and these sound cuts occur. It is very frustrating to cut sound when switching between pedalboards.

Does anyone have a solution or does the same thing happen to him?

Thank you very much in advance.

How to reproduce

  1. Load two or more pedalboards in the MOD DUO.
  2. Switch from one pedalboard to another while still playing the guitar or another instrument.

Expected/suggested solution

No silences when switch from one pedalboard to another.

Additional information

MOD DUO information

  • version: v1.5.0
  • system: 35d6ac8
  • controller: a5aa6d3

Information about my system.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • System version: 7


Hi. This is normal.
If you need to not have this gap in sound, you’ve got to stay in one pedalboard and use pedalboard presets instead !


In addition to @houston4444 answer : don’t forget you can add as much plugins as you like to your pedal board, so you can also use a simple switch to reroute your signal to your new chain of effects, virtually as you would do on stage if you had access to as many pedals as you like. You are not expecting to be able to change your whole hardware pedal board on stage instantly, are you ? Just think likewise for the mod-duo.


Thank you very much to both of you. I guess I was not using the tutu correctly :sweat: I’ll try it that way.

Thank you very much again :slightly_smiling_face: