“Tiny Mute Button” or “Tiny on/off” or yet a single Toggle Switch (1 channel)

Hello @jon

I’m bringing this request back to life again but in reality to change it to a “Tiny Mute Button” or “Tiny on/off” or yet a single Toggle Switch (1 channel).

I find myself using strange solutions to mute a reverb that is running in a parallel chain.
I was using the mono “Switch Box” but the LED behavior is awkward and it is visually confusing having an A/B box with on side leading nowhere.
Tryed the @x42 Tiny gain mute function but it consumes unnecessary CPU power due to the level readings and the LED behavior is reverse to what I need.

The Toggle Switch does the job but it makes no visual sense to me having 3 empty channels leading nowhere.
Is this my T.O.C. talking or this request make some sense? :sunglasses:


+1 !

…i’ve often had the same needs and concerns. :wink:


I think for that any plugin with a volume control that goes all the way down to 0 will work.
Basically when “on” the plugin mutes the signal, when “off” it is bypassed and thus lets it through.


Hello @falkTX

Forgot to mention that I tried the volume plugin… It really works but the LED behavior is reversed to what I need. The same as the Tiny gain.
I would like that when “on” it lets the audio go through (LED on) and when “off” the plugin mutes the signal (LED off). Just like the Toggle Switch.
This way all footswitches (MOD duo and FX4) will behave the same.
I thought of requesting a feature in the volume plugin so we could reverse LED behavior. But I think that could lead to confusion.


Hello @rogeriocouto

I want to summarize your request:
You want a

Your request is program a tiny signal mute switch plugin which LED toggles colour (or lights up) when signal is muted?
I hope I got it.

Request shall be moved in the plugin requests section.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


I mapped it out @rogeriocouto.

I see the point and makes total sense. Personally my only fear is that we end up with a lot of plugins that are different between each other in just small simple details and that creates a sort of “plugin pollution” that ends up overwhelming the users. Maybe grabbing one of the plugins that you mentioned and giving it a bit more functionality on some sort of advance settings (like controlling the LED behaviour) would do the job just fine. Of course, then this should be documented on the plugin documentation.


Thanks @jon

This is really something to be concern of.

The LED behavior control on the “Volume” plugins would do the job just fine.


Something to put serious thought about I believe.
There’s another layer of complexity here that is the fact that most of the plugins are not developed by MOD. So the developers must be up to implement that type of thing or to allow us to do it.


Hi @jon

No need to implement that to every plugin. As I said earlier, LED Behaviour control on “Volume” plugins will suffice and those are MOD plugins, right?


I didn’t mean that @rogeriocouto. It was more a generic comment about implementations/modifications on plugins. On this, I believe that it’s “just” that indeed


So should we create a new topic with this feature request?


Maybe you can just move this one to the Requests section

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Hi @mj_prod

I would say that the discussion here lead us to a “plugin feature request”.

As I mentioned here…


Hello @jon
How can this be done?

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I just did it @rogeriocouto
@James I actually just did this for the first time, so I hope that it’s properly done. Feel free to fix it if it’s not.

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Just found out a discussion on this matter from 2 years ago!!!

Switchbox bound to footswitch: led color