To all of my friends across the pond

Hey fellas.

This is gonna be an interesting few weeks with the tensions rising in Eastern Europe.

I’m an ex-soldier for the US, I became more of a pacifist after that experience; and I want to take a moment to send some positive vibes to you guys living closer to the conflict.

I hope things stabilize and a resolution can be found quickly, and I sincerely hope that everyone stays safe, have enough for themselves and their families, and can take some time to look out for your neighbors.

This has been a very interesting time to be alive, and I’ll be honest and say that I would rather live in a world where this was just a troubling historical footnote from something we long evolved from.

I hope you all are doing well, and that you can thrive during this strange time of our history.


well-spoken, @Elk_wrath … it is certainly unsettling.


I have my ideas on why this is happening, and still have several channels for intel that I get updated daily. I can’t disclose anything due to it not technically being an official channel. But the US has begun mobilizing troops on an eastern front.

I am really not happy with what is happening, and neither are the military members I am speaking to.

I’ve been in the shit before, and I was barely 18 at the time.

I do not want anyone else to experience the experiences I have had.

I have faith that humanity will prevail, that we will find a way to peace.

The average person has far more in common with each other, than they do differences. I hope the people in charge, who are supposed to be representing their people to world; pull their head out of their posterior, and find an amicable solution.


Bravo! This is THE STATEMENT and probably something that our nowadays “world leaders” should consider. Afterall, they represent their societies - and overall the world society - and not their personal views, interests or anything else that the society doesn’t feel represented.