Trails or Spillover possible?

I have my MOD Duo hooked up to my Kemper in an effects loop. I’m using my MOD Duo as an ambient pedal and lead boost, but the only way to mute everything is to simply turn off my effects loop on the Kemper or to use a relatively empty bank. The only problem is that when I kill the effects loop to my Mod Duo, or if I change banks to a bare bank, I lose all of my effect trails and there is no spillover effect.

Is there a way to allow effects to spillover when changing from one to the other? Ideally, it would be great if I could just leave my Mod Duo on all the time and then just bypass the effects with trails so that a spillover is maintained. Is this already possible in the Mod Duo?

one workaround might be -

  • leave your reverb etc plugins on, not bound to the pedal button
  • signal chain: input -> switchbox2 -> [1 goes to output] [2 goes to reverb], then reverb -> output
  • use the toggle control to switch the switchbox


                         /       \
in -> switchbox                    --------- output
                        \ reverb _/
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by the same token, you can do all sorts of clever tricks with the dual input and an A/B switch box on both input or output

e.g. you can have up to four totally different chains - 1 -> 1, 1->2, 2->1, 2 -> 2 (that just split at the input and sum up at the respective outputs) - you can only toggle two fx using the mod footswitches but you can still do a bunch of cool stuff because the routing is so flexible

I do this a lot by having the reverb 100% wet in a parallel path and assigning a CC pedal in front of it. At the moment to make that work, you need 2 gain controls, one set to - 40db, the other assigned to the CC pedal, as there’s no way to set a maximum value to cc control inside the MOD Duo. But this is an easy work around and means I can have variable levels of reverb/delay with the tails left intact.

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I figured out a way to get trails/spillover! I used the new ToggleSwitch4 (utility) and assigned 2 sets of effects to the toggleswitch that I can easily bypass. I ran a stereo signal through the other 2 toggleswitch channels that are always on so that there was a constant dry signal going through. Then, I just assigned the footswitches to bypass each of the 2 effects.

So for example, footswitch 1 turns my ambient sound on and off and then footswitch 2 turns my tube screamer on and off. So, it’s an amazing setup I’ve got now - all because of the 4 way toggleswitch! And, I added the toggleswitch to the beginning of the signal chain so that my ambient tails/trails wouldn’t be cut off when I bypass the ambient sound! It’s amazing!


Here’s my pedalboard - sorry it took so long to get it recorded and shared:

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Thanks for the effort @JEL
Unfortunately this is just a trick because if I want trails on the amp line of the chain (red rectangle) it is simply not possible at the moment (unless you use an external reverb). Nowadays this is a must have for most of guitar players who wants an all-in-one device.

EDIT: It seems that spillover should be managed by each plugin. falkTX is trying to work on a POC to test the functionality outcome.