Transposing a MIDI stream by an offset from a second stream

I’m playing with the Duo X and want to create longer melodies than what fits in the 8-step sequencer. I would like to use two sequencers - one (B) with a whole note step duration would set the base chord, and the second (M) would play a melody with say 1/8th step duration. Now what I want to do is to transpose the stream from the “melody” sequencer from M according to the base note from B (and then use force scale to keep things tidy)

Any ideas how to achieve this?


I do not have a direct answer to your question, but in a related note we are pushing an update to the step sequencer that includes more steps.
We actually meant to do that originally, instead of adding more notes. But now we cant remove the existing variants, as that would break users pedalboards…

At least a 16x8, though perhaps a 32x8 too but not sure how useful that would be.
What do you think?


Hello @falkTX,

in the last two weeks I programmed a 32 step 303 style synth bass line that alternated between 2 32 step melody parts on my computer. If I can program it within the mod duo / mod duo X step sequencer my setup becomes even more backpack friendly and this is a great alternative for all electro(nic) style musicians.
My synth had a keyboard range of 72 half tones (± 36 from the root key), velocity and glide for each step. I don’t know if this is doable in the step sequencer so that a synth like Nekobi would react to that.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

i wish there was one in which we could set any arbitrary number of notes and/or steps…

i’m often looking for relatively few notes, but then wanting to have various different sequence lengths (often not powers of 2), so the rhythmic patterns phase against each other in interesting ways.

Nice! A 32x8 sequencer would solve my initial issue for now. One with an arbitrary number of steps/notes would be even better for sure.

I still think that the idea of transposing by an offset to a secondary stream might enable some cool setups. Maybe it could be done by modifying x42’s MIDI transpose plugin. I understand the x42 filters are supposed to have one input and one output only, but maybe it could operate on two channels instead - instead of moving the note by a fixed amount, you would move notes in channel x by an offset + value of a note in channel y.


So something like this… :smiley:


Yes, please! :slight_smile: