Trigger midi note from Mod

Is there a midi plug-in yet that simply lets you trigger a midi note from the buttons (or foot switch) on the Mod?

I often like using drones, and I don’t want those notes to be re-triggered at any point in a song, so I don’t want to sequence them. However external synth may only have 1 hold function, which is limiting. I do want to use synths inside the Mod as well.

If the mod allowed me to turn notes on and off, it would be super useful!
It seems like such a simple plug-in that I can’t imagine it doesn’t exist, so possibly I just can’t find it?

I’m interested in finding a solution for this too.

That is possible with mindi, no?

I setup something like that recently, where the duox buttons can serve as drumpads.
Timing-wise it is not the best, but serves as proof of concept.

On a Dwarf only foot B & C get mapped, but still works.

See duox as drumpad pt2 - MOD Devices

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