Trouble setting up mod-plugin-builder


Hi Folks!

I’m trying to setup mod-plugin-builder but I get error message:

package/ recipe for target '/home/krono/mod-workdir/plugins-dep/build/toolchain-external-undefined/.stamp_configured' failed
make[1]: *** [/home/krono/mod-workdir/plugins-dep/build/toolchain-external-undefined/.stamp_configured] Error 1
Makefile:36: recipe for target '_all' failed

Sorry if this is a n00b question but I am a n00b.

Here is my full terminal output:


what distro are you using? 32bit or 64bit?


Ubuntu Gnome 64 bit.


hmm ok, but which version?


Sorry! 16.04


did the build failed at some point before, or was canceled?
I suggest starting from scratch again. Delete ~/mod-workdir and re-run bootstrap.


There was indeed a previous failed build attempt due to unmet dependencies. Deleting ~/mod-workdir and re-running bootstrap worked. Thank you!!