Troubles on MOD Duo X after restoring data from MOD Duo


I am a proud owner of both the MOD Duo and the Duo X. I decided to move the pedalboards and plugins from my old device to the new one. Unfortunately, now on the MOD Duo X I can’t produce sound anymore. Also, I can’t add new plugins to a pedalboard and I can’t (re)connect plugins once I disconnect them.

It is a software issue, 'cause when I switch on the hardware bypass, the signal does go through and I can hear my guitar. When not in bypass, the input LED indicators are lighting up but not the output.

How to reproduce

  1. Back-up data from the MOD Duo to a USB drive via the device settings
  2. Restore data from the USB drive to the MOD Duo X via the device settings
  3. Open a random pedalboard, connect your instrument and play

Expected/suggested solution

Is there a way I can do a factory reset? I found this troubleshooting page on the wiki, but it seems to be written for the MOD Duo only… Is it the same procedure for the Duo X?

Additional information

I have beta plugins installed, and copied them over to the Duo X. That may be causing troubles? I also notice the two devices are running a different release …


  • release: v1.7.0
  • controller: CD76ACB


  • release: v1.6.2
  • controller: a5fa955


  • Operating system: Linux
  • System version: Elementary OS
  • Browser: Firefox 66.0.2

There is a lot of work we have to do on the Wiki to add Duo X information, that is true.
Some stuff is quite technical, so the dev team has to do it. For now we have been busy with actual development. I can see things stabilizing in some weeks, so slowly it will get proper content for Duo X too.

What I see that likely happened here is that the backup/restore installed plugins that were intended for Duo in a Duo X unit. An oversight of ours, as installing plugins from a different architecture like that is not going to work… I will add this as a task to handle better, the plugins should only be installed if the architecture matches.

For now (without ssh’ing into the unit) the only solution I see is to manually delete the plugins that got installed during the restore process, and reinstall them via store. (or just load the pedalboard after deleting the plugins, since this will install the needed plugins automatically)

The version difference of Duo vs Duo X is expected at the moment.
The Duo does not have a fully working 1.7 release yet. We have some internal test builds and things seem to generally work fine, but we did not test it properly yet. Releases will be in sync in a few weeks.


Thanks for the reply @falkTX. I will try deleting the plugins later today and see how it goes. I got quite a few plugins installed though, so if it takes me too much time to do it manually I’d rather just reset the device if possible. I am far from an expert, but I SSH’d a couple of times into a RaspberryPi so I am happy to try that on the Duo X too.

I appreciate all the effort you and your colleagues are making to deliver this new product and make it stable. I understand that the Wiki is not on your top priority list right now.

If you are able to SSH into it, would be great as it speeds up the removal of all plugins.
I am preparing an image that deletes user data now, so that can work too.
Will PM you when it finishes building.

Solved! Thanks to the great support from @falkTX and the power of SSH.

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