'Try Now'... boards not loading/appearing


Hey There Good People :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m really happy to be part of this community now having got myself a Duo a couple of weeks ago - I’m a longtime Ableton user and very comfortable diving into interfaces and messing with Midi mapping and all that jazz - so I’m slightly bemused and confused as to why I can’t seem to load a pedalboard from the community pages - I’ve hit the ‘Try Now’ button and get the ‘your board is now loading’ message but I can’t find the board after this on my Duo - I’m hoping this is just a newbie error but I have been round the houses looking for a way to access them and keep hitting a wall… any help sorting what I’m sure is a super simple thing would be appreciated - loving the Duo - just want to try some of the ready made boards for myself :slight_smile:

Big thanks and Happy New Year All



It’s working for me - my steps are:


Yeah - that’s exactly what I’ve been doing but the boards just don’t show up anywhere on my Duo - I can’t see them in the pedalboard library - or they don’t appear in the main GUI window - really not sure why, I’m sure it should be extremely simple and easy to do - but any new board i load just isn’t showing up… kind of frustrating


hmmm… maybe try a different browser (chrome?). also check that you have latest mod firmware/system software?


I just updated to the latest release this morning and I’m using Chrome already - might try another browser just to test it - I know Chrome is the recommended option - will see if I can get it working - thanks for the suggestions


Problem solved!!! It works fine in Firefox… I’m on a mac do maybe Chrome ain’t so great - anyway it’s working - the browser suggestion was a good one :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


w00t! :slight_smile: fwiw i use chrome on Mac without problems, so maybe there’s some option or security setting that’s clashing on your machine. anyways, onwards and upwards


Yeah man - I thought I’d follow the best practice but hey this is why I came here to ask - might be an issue others encounter and I found a simple solution :grinning: thanks for your time dude :love_you_gesture:t2: