Tuner Display

I am very interested in the Mod Dwarf… however there is one tool that would seal the deal and that is a Universal Tuner like Lingot or FMIT that can read SCL files. The reason being is that I need a tuner capable of getting the correct pitches for 19 edo and 31 edo.

both Lingot ( [LINGOT Is Not a Guitar-Only Tuner Universal tuner) and FMIT (Free Music Instrument Tuner) are standalone apps

GTUNE and X42 are my favourite plugin tuners but neither support microtuning

It is my opinion that a Tuner for recording and live performances is an extremely important function that most every guitarist needs. It’s pretty much the guitar’s on button. It’s the first thing I do before playing as guitar strings tend to go out of tune even when idle.

As I am also moving into other tonalities I require a Tuner that is adaptive in this sense (or universal) .

Is adding such a tuner, one with SCL reading or microtuning capabilities, something that the DUO team would be interested in considering?


I’m not sure how easy this could be to implement. I can tell you that at this moment it is not in our top priorities.
Anyway, I mapped it in our requests list.

I hope to see what you can get out of a MOD Dwarf soon :wink:


I noticed that Mod Devices have many Guitarix pedals and just discovered that their GxTuner has a microtonal feature allowing for 12 TET, 19 TET, 24 TET, 31 TET and 53 TET settings.

Could that one be added?


I’m not an expert, but I’d imagine the tough part would be the display. If you’re using the MOD GUI, it’s a no-brainer, but you’d have to replace the Tuner Function (a tool, I believe, in the MOD parlance) in the MOD software to get it to display on the device’s LCD. Not sure if plugins have that level of access. Then again, perhaps the built-in tuner is a plugin.

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Actually it might be possible for @brummer to adapt the plugin to make use of the new HMI widgets feature. There are some improvements coming to this in 1.12. Plugins are able to show widgets on the display of the device so it could be possible for the plugin to show a pop up on the display on the Dwarf with an animated tuner tool. I’m not sure of the full posibilities but @Jan could give us an idea if that would be possible.

As with a few other feature requests that have been popping up, due to our already over stacked backlog, it is more feasible to add functionality with plugins rather than implementing things like this into the hardware at the moment


in 1.11 plugins can change the fields of an addressing and change LED’s. From 1.12 onward they can also launch a popup.
I guess for a tuner plugin a popup makes the most sense, however the popups only accept text.
All functions can be found here

Perhaps something to consider is the possibility of plugins launching a popup in which graphics are allowed, but this is not planned atm.


I’ve just tested the GxTuner in 19edo comparing it to FMIT and Lingot and although the GxTuner is accurate the notes displayed are flat by a few cents rather than aligning to the centre between the arrows at the correct frequency. I will open an issue with the Guitarx developer(s).


As far I know, the tuner used on the MOD is a derivation of the GxTuner (unless that has changed in the last time). Then, it wont be to hard to add the EDO selectors to it.

Yes, please do. Please add a more versatile description of the issue, as I didn’t noticed this issue for now, so a exact description is needed to help me understand what exact you mean is wrong.
guitarix issue tracker is here: Issues · brummer10/guitarix · GitHub


I’m sure it’s possible I just don’t know if any of us could make that a priority in the foreseeable future


I will definitely put together a detailed issue at Github soon. While testing also found a problem with special characters (flats, half flats, sharps and double sharps) in GxTuner not appearing on the 19, 31 and 53 TET settings. Is there a special font needed for those?



It use the roboto font package.
btw. the Notes been defined here: https://github.com/brummer10/guitarix/blob/master/trunk/src/LV2/xputty/widgets/xtuner_private.cpp#L25-L31


this symbol will appear → #

these do not → ♯ ♭


I really like the line option above!

Showing the pitch of the note over time with the note on the left.

It would make sense for the Y axis of that graph line to have an option to “dynamic fit to data” by default so that as you get closer to the correct pitch the resolution increases, and one other control for the rate of update on the x-axis.

One other thing that would be useful is an option to pause X axis scrolling on audio gate. I.e. When silent don’t scroll but pause.

A tool like this would be amazing!