Tuner to sysex data

Hello! I don’t think that this is a fairly common thing, as far as I know it’s only done with the Axe Fx, Kemper, and TC Electronic G Major:

Currently using Mod Duo X. Wondering if it would be possible (or what it would take) to send Audio Tuner Info/Data as Sysex (din out or USB out) to send to a midi controller like the RJM Mastermind?
That would allow for Tuner read out on a midi controller.



The tuner is way to slow to be usable this way. For the eyes it is fast enough, but not for your ears. Also, it’s plain monophonic and because of that it will send you a lot of false info, when you try to use it on a midi controller.

If you using Linux, you could try out what I mean by check the GxTuner LV2 plugin from the guitarix project. This is the one which the MOD tuner is based on (if that have not changed in time) and, this one send the info as Midi data out.

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