[Tutorial] Creating MOD plugins: gen~ for beginners


As of August of last year we’ve had an integration with Cycling’74’s Max software that allows users to export gen~ objects straight into the Duo as an LV2 plugin.

Since then, we received many requests of tutorials for beginners (besides the one Shiro did).

Cycling’74 has just started a series of articles on that called (you’ve guessed it): gen~ for Beginners.

Check it out and start making your own plugins :slight_smile:


Part 2 of Cycling’74 tutorial on gen~ has arrived.

This time, Gregory Taylor approaches similarities and differences between MSP programming and gen~ in order to continue the anxiety reduction process he set out to tackle.



Parts 3 and 4 are out!


Part 5 on graphic vs. text-based coding is out.

There is also an ongoing video tutorial series with the first two videos out already on “Working with abstractions” and “Debugging and Signal-Rate Processing”.


Here’s a very thorough Gen overview documentation, courtesy of our friends at Cycling’74 :wink: