Unable to connect to Mod Duo

I am using windows 10 computer. The orange link light on the Control Chain port doesn’t stay lit after startup, only the green. When I try to connect to my computer it just times out. I thought it was the power supply, but its doing the same thing with a different power supply and the old power supply is working with my other Mod Duo. I updated firmware on both the most recent yesterday, when I could still connect to the pedal. I have been trying to connect for 90 minutes so far. I ordered another power supply before testing this, but I don’t really care,so long as I can get my Mod Duo up and running.

Is your Windows 10 up to date? We had issues with a few specific versions, fixed after updating.

This is normal and expected. The control chain port is not what we use in order to connect the device to the computer (and please don’t try, it can damage equipment as Control Chain is not an ethernet port)

Have you seen https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Troubleshooting_Windows_Connection ?
On some systems, a little manual intervention is needed in order to make Windows properly connect to the Duo, maybe it is the case for you too

My Windows 10 is up to date and both of my Mod Duos already show up as Network Adapters in the Device Manager. It is working this morning. I didn’t actually change anything, but I can now connect to the pedal without issue like my other Mod.