Unplugging pedalboard connection when two or more in one input

I hope this isn’t an FAQ (I have tried searching), but am I missing something obvious about how to rearrange patch leads where two or more have been plugged into a single input?

When there’s just one patch lead it’s fine. Simple a matter of ‘grab’ then drag to unplug.

When there’s more than one, the cursor changes to the ‘hand’ icon, but when I try to drag the plugs they remain firmly in place.

I’m working on Windows 10 and have tried both Firefox (my preferred browser) & Chrome, using the latest versions of both.

So far my workaround solution has been to delete the device that the leads come from. That’s far from ideal, especially if it has buttons & knobs assigned, so I can’t help but feel there must be a better solution that I’m missing.

Any help appreciated.

If you click once it should show an expanded view of the connections, which allows you to grab individual ones.



Oooh that’s nice. Perfect. Thank you @falkTX :smiley: