Update on my end, unnecessary read

Hey fellas!

I am very excited to announce the arrival of both the Octrack 2 (have been working with it for a week, and my new tracks will be different due to it) and my Bastl SP2.

Literally just opened the box, and boi oh boi, I cannot wait to begin.

That being said, I got a lot to learn about this new gear.

I’ve been shittay about posting tracks, or even getting in front of my gear, and really all this message is about, is to explain that I am gonna continue to a very silent poster for a bit on the track front.

That being said, I’ll do whatever I can to help with the problems I can.

I’m working on bringing a new talented artist to the MOD Family by letting him borrow my dwarf.

As always, I hope you ALL are doing well, and that you are thriving during this interesting time of our history.

MOD team, I know your nose is gone due to the grindstone, and it’s 100% appreciated. Can’t wait to see what you and us, the community, takes this platform.


never unnecessary, sir! :wink:

for my part, i’m trying to get some new MOD-based tracks and videos put together, including some new arduino shield, CV, and plugin things i’ve been chewing on… but progress keeps grinding to a halt, 'cuz of actual production work with deadlines. …and now performing is becoming possible again, so there’s touring on the horizon, which needs prep as well… hrmmmmmmmm…

eventually :snail:


I believe in you, Mr. Lutek.

To be honest, I am very excited to see what you produce!

I’d love to live in a world where neither my creativity or time were committed, but those are the fate weaves we take from the Norns.

I wish I had such an admirable excuse for my lack of recording lol

Please record the live sets you do, and dm (or share) a link to your performances, as I’d love to see them!


@Elk_wrath Wow! Please keep on reporting about that. I am very interested in your experiences with that device!

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