USB I/O Ports request


Does it actually exist? If not, it could be really interesting to have an USB I/O ports. Do you think it’ll possible to have one in a near future? For my sound design studio production and live setup, it’ll be very useful.



The MOD Duo already has USB device and USB Host ports.


In fact, my question was if it’s possible to have an audio port combined with te USB I/O ports.
Does it exist?


If you asking if the Duo can be used a USB audio interface, for example as a hardware input to a DAW running on your computer, the answer (to my knowledge, not an expert) is no.

However, there is an experimental option where you could possibly use netJACK (via the advanced Settings on the Duo) to connect to JACK running on another host (a computer for example). In this case, audio data is transferred via the USB port to a JACK server and from there any JACK-aware application (many open source and some commercial tools / DAW) can then process the audio stream.

There are a few technical details here: Depending on your familiarity with the command line and whether you’ve manually installed and run JACK before, there may be a learning curve getting everything set up and configured.


Thanks for the feedback


I have used the Mod Duo as a jack server (hence accessing the Duo’s audio hardware as capture and playback device) and used netjack to allow my computer’s software (Ardour) to record the signal, with the option of processing it in the Duo.

It works, but you need your PC to be quite powerful and to run a recent enough version of Jack in order to avoid xruns.

On my Debian, I had to rebuild jack from source. It should be easier to use the KXStudio linux distribution.


Just saying, you don’t need anymore to do this part :

Then, ssh into the Duo, and run:

touch /data/enable-netmanager
systemctl start jack-netmanager

there is now an option in the advanced setting for that, maybe we should update the wiki