Using a 3rd Party Footswtich

I’d like to add a cheap foot switch to my Duo X and as the Mod one is a probably more complex and costly than I need I wondered what other options there are?



The cheapest solution would probably be to DIY a USB-MIDI controller. Using a Teensy board that is something a beginner programmer could pull off in a day or so, because you can simply set the USB port on the Teensy up to function like a class compliant MIDI port.

You’d need something along these lines:

  1. The Teensy board (costs vary depending on your requirements, anywhere between 15 and 30 dollars)
  2. The footswitches
  3. The enclosure
  4. Some electric wire to hook the foots up

Perhaps there are also cheap off-the-shelf options, but I wouldn’t be able to name you one from the top of my head to be honest.



Interesting. So the connection to the Duo X has to be Midi? Where the Duo one use the custom Control Chain? I was wondering as most switches seem to have Jacks.

Actually, It would be good to be able to use the switch with otehr devices - eg laptop.

Thanks for the idea.

I have a line 6 FBV MkII which is a usb midi footswitch. It works pretty well with the mod duo, I’ve also used it with my laptop/desktop in the past.

I also use this and it works for my needs.

The Duo and Duo X both support MIDI connections via either USB or 5-pin DIN ports. Most modern MIDI controllers will have a USB connection, so you could also easily connect one to a computer.

Control Chain is a custom protocol developed by the MOD team as an alternative to MIDI. It serves the same purpose but is meant to overcome or enhance some of the limitations of the MIDI protocol. Control Chain devices use the ethernet-style port and as far as I know the only consumer Control Chain devices on the market at this time are the MOD Footswitches.

Thanks and to @pjd. In the end I wnet for the custom Mod footswitch. if I need a usb one I’ll either get a cheap one or hack it via the modX (assuming latency is not a problem)

@jesseverhage do you happen to know a good tutorial for that?


I did a quick google search, and this tutorial is recommended by PJRC (the manufacturer of the teensy boards):,the%20opposite%20type%20of%20message.

This is the page where PJRC mentions the tutorial:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


@jesseverhage thank you very much! you would not have had to do a google search, i could have done that myself (i know let me google that for you :)) ). i thought maybe you know a good tutorial by heart.

thank you very much, again!