Using MIDI Tempo + CV to control tremolo rate parameter

Forgive me if this has already been covered elsewhere. I’ve searched and found nothing, but this is a fairly specific thing that I’m trying to do (I think?)

I play in a band that doesn’t have a drummer. Instead, there’s a guy who makes drum loops and drum parts in a Novation Circuit and Ableton.

What I’d like to do is this- take his midi clock information and send it to my ModDuo. Then, I’d like to be able to use that external clock to control the rate knob so that it’s perfectly synced. Also, I’d like to be able to set it up so that I can create different subdivisions. In order for this to work, it has to be perfectly tight with the clock, which is why it’s not enough for me to simply assign the rate parameter to a knob and try to “eyeball” it (or earball it, as the case may be.)

So for example, let’s say we’re playing at 120bpm. I’d like to set the rate so that the tremolo is pulsing to 1/4 notes. Or 1/8 notes. AND I’d like to be able to choose between them. I’m assuming there is some combination of CV plugins that I can use to achieve this but I can’t figure it out. Because I’m a bass player, most likely.

Thanks in advance!



Following, but for my soon (?) Dwarf to come, same group config.

Have you considered using something like this?

-MIDI Sync enabled on your MOD Device
-CV Clock synced to host tempo
-Envelope triggered by the CV Clock
-VCA controlled by the Envelope (using 2 VCAs in the picture because I wanted to keep a stereo signal path)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:



Adding a Stereo Xfade plugin allows you to easily bypass the full chain (bypassing the stereo xfade makes the top input pair pass to the output), and control the dry/wet ratio of the chain:



A CV/MIDI clock divider/multiplier plugin would be good. :sunflower:

This did it! Brilliant, thank you.

If you don’t mind, could you explain why I need the ENV here? I appreciate the help, but I’d also like to understand the thinking behind it.


Examples in the wiki about ~all the ways you can use CV would be very helpful. Best also downloadable in the “Pedalboard Feed”.

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It’s certainly brilliant but very complex ? Certainly resource intensive ?
I was not expecting such a complex construct just to say that my delay, reverb or tremolo is aligned on 1/8 clock beats ? That’s only one 3-pos switch on most of hardware guitar effects… or a midi call

@khz thanks for your feedback, I will add it to the list of requests for future consideration :slight_smile:

@AdamJames306 glad to hear it worked out for you! The Envelope is not absolutely necessary, but it allows you to set the shape of the volume fade of the tremolo that we created here. Deleting the envelope from the chain, and directly patching the clock into the VCAs will give you a square-wave on/off on your signal, without any kind of fade.

Alternatively, you may consider using the CV Slew Rate Limiter plugin instead of the envelope. That one simply sets how quickly a signal can rise, and how quickly a signal can decay.

@CSurieux, the CV plugins do not use a lot of resources, so although more complex, definitely not resource intensive.

It is also possible to simply toggle on synchronizing a value to host tempo for most time-based parameters. This only synchronizes the tempo though, and not the “phase”. Have a look here for more info: Tutorial: Using Time Based Parameters - MOD Wiki