Using the Mod Duo X as a midi controller

I’m trying to map the MDX to my octatrack, so it will control a couple of parameters.

I’m not entirely clear how to do this, with the MDX however.

I’m guessing I need to have a midi utility for each channel first, but then what do I need to do? It’s not clear to me what I need to do next to tell knob 1 to control the desired parameter cc.

Edit-I won’t delete this as it may be useful to someone else, however it’s ridiculously easy to do

Grab The Infamous Mindi, choose the channel, then choose the parameter and connect to the midi out on the board and et voilà

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OK, one thing I am struggling with is what device do I use, to assign the buttons to cc values?

Mindi doesn’t give me the option to assign a parameter to a but, just a knob.


Exactly what I was going to suggest you :wink: Glad that you found it out

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Didn’t test it myself, but have you tried to use the Control to CV before and map there the button? Then convert it with the Infamous Mindi.

Let me know if that works

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Ooooh that’s a nice idea. I’ll try it this evening and let you know

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Couldn’t work it out!

In my defence, I don’t talk cv, just midi. :rofl:

did you label the CV port on the Manage CV ports? and then map it on the Infamous Mindi?

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Nope, but I will try that when I get home tonight :grin: cheers

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CV Tutorial: 3 Using CV signals to control any parameter on your pedalboard :wink:


That will turn on your “CV magic wand” :grin: :mage:

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I think this is kind of similar to what I want to do, and one of the reasons I bought the Mod, disappointing it doesn’t really do it > I understood all this, but the point of the foot-switch is you can’t map it it any continuous controls, so this CV trick is uselss, it can only be mapped to scrolling through lists and lists cannot be limited to a range…

Why not just have the footswitch be able to select min and max ranges on a control nob such as CV value and then that can be assigned anywhere? Such as CC number or w/e?

here’s my post:

Can you not realize this with the plugins CV Parameter Modulation, CV Range Divider?


Hi, a solution for midi CC button: “CV Parameter Modulation” ( set “value” to 100% and map CV out to " the infamous mindi" (, then map the desired button of the DUO X to the “on/off switch” of “CV Parameter Modulation”

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