V1.3.0 Pre-Release Testing

Hello everybody, this is the topic for testing regarding the upcoming 1.3 release series.
Before anything else, thank you very much for your testing, bug reports and general feedback!

The 1.3 series includes rework of the code used for addressing parameters to hardware, so this and the new features are what needs testing the most.
The rework was needed in preparation for the upcoming control chain devices. (not in v1.3, likely in v1.4)

The auto-update system is not fully ready yet, so for now you have to download the update file and install it manually:
Here’s the file: http://download.moddevices.com/releases/testing/modduo-v1.3.0.296.tar

To roll back, grab the latest stable release file from Releases - MOD Wiki and follow the instructions on the top of that page.

Here’s the changelog so far:

  • NEW add ‘MIDI Utility’ category
  • NEW implemented pedalboard presets
  • NEW support for all generic USB joysticks as MIDI devices (buttons as notes, axis as CC)
  • NEW support for click-less bypass (needs support from plugin, using lv2:enabled port designation)
  • NEW support for lv2:freeWheeling port designation
  • NEW wait for the first pedalboard to finish loading before disabling true-bypass
  • fix 1 extra round-trip latency when using USB MIDI keyboards under certain conditions
  • fix bad pedalboard names when saved with html-encoded names
  • fix broken banks manager if clicked on too soon before it finished loading
  • fix category inline display on small browser windows
  • fix loading bank with manually deleted pedalboards
  • fix tooltips for MIDI hardware names containing spaces
  • fix thumbnail mis-alignment when plugin has no brand
  • fix updating a plugin if its bundle name doesn’t match the cloud one (eg, locally deployed plugins)
  • fix ‘update all’ button always disabled after being clicked once, even after updates finish
  • fix web interface being locked when rendering 2 screenshots at the same time
  • keep installing/updating plugins if one of them fails (eg, updating all plugins in store)
  • make ‘developer mode’ state persistent (plus add ‘disable_dev_mode’ function)
  • make folded/unfolded plugin area state persistent
  • make loading of pedalboards slightly faster
  • show more pedalboards at once, use thumbnail instead of screenshot (faster pedalboards screen)
  • show a warning popup if user presses ‘update all’ plugins, but there are no plugins to update
  • show a warning popup if trying to change an addressed parameter
  • small optimizations to boot time

Everything should be working. If not, please let us know!

Documentation regarding pedalboard presets is also nowhere to be found… we’ll be handle that in the following days.
Just note that you have to save the main pedalboard for it to save the pedalboard presets.

Thanks very much for all your testing!
Rock on!

Nice one.

Will load it up in the morning and play with it during the day…

Installed fine.

Noticed one problem so far (safari 10.0.3).

If the browser window is sized so that the category names use more than one line the text display for the plugins is cutoff on the bottom:

Interesting this leaves little droppings as well when you choose the pedalboard screen:

Do you have some quick info on how to switch pedalboard presets?

Edit: ok I think I understand a bit better, clicking “Save Preset” doesn’t save a new preset it just updates the current one which is “Default” on a new pedalboard, this is a bit confusing.

Using “Save As” I have created some presets which can now be seen in the “Load Manage Presets” dialog.

Clicking on a preset in that list loads the preset.

Clicking “Assign all” always displays the message “Cannot assign list with only 1 preset” respective of how many presets are in the list, I’m a bit confused about that one!

Problem in the pedalboard screen for saved preset:

Saved another pedalboard and now have this, more spinners and now all delete icons are gone. Clicking in the correct delete area does work so its just missing images:

Also same problem in banks:

I’m not sure if this happened before as I have never done it but if I am on the pedalboard screen and do a browser refresh it refreshes to the main page not the pedalboard page.

Fixed now, next build will look like this when the browser window can’t fit everything:

Fixed for the next build, somehow completely missed this…

For now you can refresh the page when this happens and the address-all button becomes clickable.

This is expected. No matter which section you’re in, refreshing the page always begins at the main pedalboard constructor area.

Super, thanks for the info.

I can see the knobs and switches but how about midi, will that make an appearance?

Not yet, addressing a list to a midi cc is still something we need to figure out first.

Also regarding your issue with the spinning wheel on the pedalboard thumbnails, fixed for the next build too.
Seems like having 2 pedalboard screenshots being generated at once blocks the entire thing…
Found an alternative way to handle the situation, so things will continue to be smooth after a pedalboard save now.

Good Stuff, choosing by CC would be extremely useful for integrating with other gear.

New build is here!

  • fix broken banks manager if clicked on too soon before it finished loading
  • fix category inline display on small browser windows
  • fix web interface being locked when rendering 2 screenshots at the same time

also fixed the assign-all button.

Just had a quick check of new version, will have a more in-depth test later after I have cooked and fed everyone.

One thing that has happened:

That’s a pedalboard without a thumbnail. open it and save it again to force the thumbnail to be generated again.

Ah, so it is a leftover from the previous 1.3 release?

That, or you might have turned off your mod while it was rendering the thumbnail.
Or and error too in some other area.
That symbol just shows the thumbnail is missing.

hey @AndyCap

Thank you so much for the testing efforts.

This is extremely valuable to us and I am very grateful for your work.

I’ll get back on the testing soon, been busy this morning and my MatrixBrute has just arrived so the guitar is taking a back seat for a few hours!

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