Value wrap around with device poti control


When a bi-polar value is assigned to a device poti, the maximum value wraps to 0 under certain conditions.

How to reproduce

  1. Create stereo fade plugin
  2. Assign the fader to a poti on the device
  3. Set the target range to -0.3 and 1.0
  4. Turn the poti until it reaches 1.0
  5. See that the value jumps to 0 instead

Expected/suggested solution

1.0 is reached so that only B can be heard.

Additional information

Unit: MOD Duo X
Build Date: 2020 Jul 26 06:33:32
OS Version:

Thanks for the report. I can indeed confirm the bug.
We are preparing a v1.9.2 bugfix release at the moment, perfect timing!

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