[VeJa Titan] Weird volume difference between channels

I’m trying VeJa Titan and I see a strange behavior.

A) While playing, there’s a difference of -20/-25 db between clean and lead channels (using same settings). Is it by design?

B) And now the weird thing: while not playing, lead channel has -inf volume, clean channel -41.4

EDIT: Titan has an internal noise gate. A) behavior still remain even disabling the noise gate.

@falkTX is it possible that this is another plugin with the volume issues on the MOD Dwarf? I didn’t test it myself yet. @redcloud we found a few with this issue, but normally was the entire plugin (as far as I know)

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we need to ask the authors, so @Jan might know.

@redcloud if you share a pedalboard where this behaviour is clearly audible, we can compare this between units to see if the dwarf is culprit, or just a quirk of the plugin itself.


Yep but pedalboard contains just Titan plugin.

hmm I can confirm the plugin does indeed act differently on the Dwarf in comparison to the DuoX (about a 10dB volume increase on the clean channel)

Some deviation between channels is expected, as their characteristics are quite different, but with all settings set at 0.5, the difference should only be about 1dB.


I’ve used a looper to have same input gain between tests.

Clean channel ranges between -40 and -32 (-36 average)
Lead channel ranges between -20 and -11 (-15.5 average)

There’s a louder difference of -10 db circa for lead channel.

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What kind of signals are you testing things with? Both channels have a different frequency response, so that might effect things too.

The test I ran is with a 440Hz sine input.

My guitar straight into Dwarf input1.

Do you need the .wav recording?

No loop playing, clean channel, I see a constant spike in low frequencies.

Loop playing, clean channel, constant spike still there

No loop playing, lead channel

Loop playing, lead channel

Meanwhile I turned off my fan, the secondary monitor and the mixer. Nothing changed. I will buy a power bank and test it again with Dwarf connected via wifi, only guitar input and headphones (even if I think I have no ground loop issue, just to exclude external factors).

This is my “rest status”, with no physical input/output connected. Just power supply and USB cable (nothing changes with physical input and output connected anyway)

Vocaroo | Online voice recorder <---- this is jack_capture, just as reference

Just found one more thing, already noticed by some other users and that is not strictly related to the plugins I’m using.

My physical connections are:

  • power supply
  • headphones
  • USB cable

with this plugins I can clearly hear clicks & pops here and there. They appear when I put x42 Spectre after the Titan. Tried with jack_capture but clicks & pops are not present in the .wav file. It seems that physical outs only are affected (I can hear clicks & pops via both jack and phones outputs).

Without the x42 Spectre the clicks are gone, right? I think we may be already aware of what the problem can be if that’s the case

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Yes, correct. As said, clicks are present also with other plugins (not yet identified). Hopefully the root cause will be the same.

Let me guess: if you have the Tiny Gain you also have this clicks. Right?

Unfortunately not, no clicks with Tiny Gain.

hmm ok. So maybe it’s not exactly the same issue

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