Ways to control the Duo on stage


Hi ssj71, I haven’t find out the solution for using OSC2MIDI on the duo: when I try to open in the Duo the binary I compiled in Doccker’s Mod Plugin Builder environment it gives me an error. Could you maybe help me to compile it in the proper way?


I will be happy to, but it will take me a little while. I haven’t had as much time for development and I installed a new version of linux last year and so I need to set up the MOD development environment again. Once I have that I think I could get a binary to you. Sorry it will probably be a few weeks at least.


I’ll really appreciate it, thank you!



give that a whirl and let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the patience.


Thanks lots for your job sjj71, I really appreciate :grinning::grinning:.
Unfortunately trying opening your file on the duo gives me this error:

Error opening map file! /usr/local/share/osc2midi/default.omm

I didn’t find what this means, any tip to help me?


For lists (either plugin parameter list, plugin presets or the new pedalboard presets in v1.3) you can map them to the Duo foot and knobs too.
Not possible to assign them to MIDI CC yet.

Has been anything done in this regard? Is now possible to assign a pedalboard preset list to MIDI CC or PC?

That would be of great interest for me.


@Tarrasque73 and community,

if you follow the instructions in the MOD_Web_GUI_User_Guide#Organizing_Banks part of the wiki, you can choose to use PC messages in a Bank list instead of using the two switches on the Mod Duo…
So you can directly change your pedalboards via Program Change message.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


I know that, but it’s still some sort of workaround in my opinion.

From what I remember, changing a pedalboard will cause a short muting of the output (inevitable, I know).

This is the way I always worked with rackmount multieffect processors. One sound, one patch, and try to switch while you aren’t playing.

I was hoping the Duo could offer something more sophisticated. If it allowed to assign a pedalboard preset to a footswitch (or, better, a CC message) I could move to a “one song, one pedalboard” approach and switch to all the different clean, distorted, solo, whatever sounds I need with no interruption.

And as an added bonus, it would help drastically reduce the number of pedalboards in my Duo. :wink:


Hello @Tarrasque73,

I would suggest you to make a pedalboard with all used plugins and use pedalboard presets according to the wiki here
In the section about saving and loading pedalboard presets
you can assign such presets to a switch on the Mod Duo.
I am changing reverb presets and wah on/off state at once within one pedalboard using different presets.
With this I mean the presets button in the GUI that I assign to a switch or the knob.

I know, this costs time upfront to prepare for a number of songs looking for the right plugin presets to be chosen for a particular song, but it should be no problem improving it.

Maybe you can simplify your pedalboards first, meaning following:

  1. Giving abbreviated names for song presets like
    SongA_Intro, SongA_V1, SongA_Ch1, SongA_Solo
    for Intro, Verse, Chorus, Solo
    2.Reducing your plugins of the same type ( gates, distortions, compressors, amps, time based effects and reverbs) to a list of preferred plugins and presets.
  2. Creating pedalboards for one or more songs and creating pedalboard presets like under 1 where you decide which plugin ( and plugin preset) is turned on.
  3. Choosing a knob or switch on your Mod Duo for your pedalboard presets to choose from.

Hint: If I just switch between verse and chorus I I like to name both presets as follows:
SongA->Chorus (for the verse)
SongA->Verse (for the chorus)
to show what’s next.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


The real problem is that a list assigned to a footswich will, if I am not mistaken, cycle with each click, while I need “random” access.

I often have 3 or more sounds per song, and they are not used in sequence.I have to be able to jump back and forth to one sound to the other.


Hi @Tarrasque73,

I know your concern, and if the overall form of the song will be the same like
Intro, V1, C1;Interlude,V2, C2, Solo, Pre-Chorus, V3, V1,
there is only the next pedalboard preset available and unfortunately you have to make an entry in the list for each part…

How can we fix this is the question because sometimes this exact order may be too unflexible.
You want to make music, not fiddling with presets if it’s just one song or a numberof songs with one pedalboard.

I hope someone will chime in here with a proposal for better management…

Greetings and God bless, Marius


I think the only viable solution to be able to select entries from a list by using PC or CC messages as “item index” exactly as is now possible for pedalboards in a bank.

This way you could use any of the available commercial MIDI pedalboards to either switch pedalboards in a bank or presets in a pedalboards, to fit your liking.

If you could also choose the MIDI channel for each of these control methods you could even use both at the same time!

But maybe this would be a little overkill. I figure that if someone used my approach to use one pedalboard per song, then he could be content with changing pedalboard with the MOD buttons.


Ah sorry I should have forseen that. You need some mapping files for osc2midi to run, you can create your own and pass it in as a parameter with the -m flag. If one is not specified it looks for it in the path reported in the error. You can copy this folder https://github.com/ssj71/OSC2MIDI/tree/master/maps to that directory and it should start with the default map.


Ok, sorry, now my problem is that i can’t create the folder /usr/local/share/osc2midi/ because I don’t have permissions (filesystem is read-only and i can’t change permissions with chmod). Is there a solution you can suggest?


Will also work. Copy them there.


Thank you for patience. Now it seems to works, I mean, it says:

starting osc server on port 57120
sending osc messages to address osc.udp://localhost:8000

Fantastic. But now… how can I communicate with?
My phone is connected to the Duo through bluethoot. Wich is the host adress to set in my OSC app?
And through wich virtual midi port can I communicate with plugins?


now we get to the fun part. :grimacing: I haven’t done this myself.
You should see a new midi port appear in the pedalboard builder. Does that show up?

The next step would be to use an app like control osc+midi to send some osc messages to

if you run osc2midi with the -v flag it will print a message when it receives an OSC message.

Lets try to get to that point, then we’ll figure out midi learn etc. If I have some time tonight/soon I’ll see if I can do this at home, then I can make a better tutorial.


Unfortunatly it doesn’t seems to work.

  • Scanning for midi ports in MOD Web GUI doesn’t find any new port.
  • osc2midi (-v) doesn’t receive any message while my OSC app is connected to (or even
    Let me know if you find a solution.


Sorry if I get back to this topic again (an please let me know if it deserves it’s own discussion), but it’s very important to me.

Just to explain better where I’m coming from, my use case is that of the on stage live guitarist. We have lots of different songs in our set. Setlists may change at the last minute or even during the act. Order rearranged, songs skipped, extra songs added at the last minute because someone from the audience wants to sing his favourite…

Thus, there’s no way I can make a “sequential” sound list. All sounds must be recalled directly, and they MUST be recalled by pedal clicking. Crouching to fiddle with the knobs should be limited to the bare minimum on stage. Even the DUO tuner is completely useless to me, since it requires me to long press the right knob…

This is where the pedalboard presets come dear to me. They are a wonderful way to make different sounds, and switching from one to the other does not incur in the lag that switching between pedalboards requires.

Unfortunately they must be MIDI controlled in order to be useful to me…

I think it shouldn’t be too hard to implement. It’s quite similar to the already existing mechanism for switching pedalboards in a bank with MIDI PC messages.

All it takes is to assign a different MIDI channel for presets.

Isn’t anybody else interested in this?


Hello @Tarrasque73,
I know what you mean and want, but the solution might not be so easy you think.
Maybe the solution might involve another and better use of the two Mod Duo displays showing Song List and presets, whether there are plugin preset names or pedalboard preset names involved.
Let me be a bit philosophical first regarding list control:

MIDI PC messages are 7bit meaning there are
128 different assigned cells in a memory list (or an array of 3 if this list links to a corresponding long name (showing on the browser GUI) and an abbreviated short name (showing on the Mod Duo display). Think of it like this

  • ‘‘Duo cryptic unique memory’’ or special unique song part preset n
    [Friendly patch name] (ambient Toolbox)
    'Friendly short name ambnt

or anything I mentioned before regarding song list improvement.

Filling this list is straightforward, but how should updating or deleting presets be handled? What if I select an inexistent preset? What if I want to rearrange the array/list because there are too few or much entries? Shall we consider n amount of empty preset spaces between song indexes m beforehand? What if a preset n is used by song m1,m3,m15,m17?

You may use some or all MIDI channels for sending preset changes, but I think it’s hard to implement.
Even if you use a dedicated MIDI controller like the Korg nanokontrol switching dedicated plugin presets with the 3 (Solo,Mute,Record) buttons (for previous plugin preset, next plugin preset and engage plugin) and the slider for changing a dedicated parameter.

Since you want to use just the two Mod Duo switches and MIDI messages,our programmers have to implement a good way showing banks and presets and switching within them or handling MIDI messages in an easier, faster way.
If someone like @Tarrasque73 just uses the Mod Duo like a preset switching board but with a long list of presets, we need a solution.
I would like to see how our brainstorming headquarters will handle this…

Thanks in advance and God bless, Marius