Ways to control the Duo on stage


Thanks for encouraging me!
…unfortunately it’s non so simple as I hoped: I can’t find rc.local file in /etc/ neither create it (“Read-only file system”) :thinking:
Have you some suggestion?


not really :\ you can remount the file system as writeable or maybe there is another method for startup scripts. Hopefully somebody else can chime in. To get started you could just run it in SSH with nohup to try it out.


Thanks ssj71,

Maybe @falkTX can tell me something more about his tests with osc2midi?


Hi, my live use case has been pretty basic up until now.
A few different sounds all on a single board for each gig (I play bass).
I’ve taken to using an audio to midi converter and feeding the sounds into the mod. I can toggle the sounds I need on a per board basis ok, a mix of pre-sets and using the actuators directly.

What I’ve not been able to do is figure out an easy/quick way to switch between boards in a bank. I saw the navigate via footswitches option but can’t work out how to get in or out of that mode. Nothing I could find in the user guide, manual or wiki.

What am I missing?


The navigate by footswitches option only works when the web interface is not connected. To activate it, load a pedalboard from within the bank from directly on your Duo. Then you should be able to navigate boards within that bank via footswitches. Oh, and IIRC you can’t have anything mapped to the footswitches because that would override the navigation.

Also - any my memory is hazy here - I think you can change pedalboards via Program Change messages, so PC 0 would select the first board, PC 1 the second, etc.