[web interface] tiny icons and strange behavior


More of a warning than a real bug:
One of my pedalboards had developped a weird look, with tiny plugin items, that are all in the left upper corner. This happend after I edited the pedalboard on the iPad. Somehow a “forgotten” unconnected plugin was lying in the lower left of the screen. The iPad would not show this, only on desktop computers this can be seen.
The effect was, that with almost all pinch/zoom actions (also with the magnifier icons) the pedadlboard will reload emediately.

How to reproduce

try my pedalboard, which I shared :

Screen Behavior

](Screen Behavior - MOD Devices),

with a iPad or iPhone.

Expected/suggested solution

Check your pedalboards for orphaned plugins in corners of the screen.

Additional information

  • release: V1.10.4.2380

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: (iOS, iPad OS)
  • System version: (latest)
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If you click on the bottom-right to unpin the plugin list, it should auto-hide so then you are able to pick this plugin up again.
did you try that?


yes, and that did often cause a reload. It seems as if the iPad can´t “contain” the whole website. The names of the plugins, when they show are also cut off a bit. Just try to load the Pedalboard on a iPad/Phone and it will constantly reload, because on those machines the"lost" Plugin is somehow out of bounds.
No problem on Desktop machines.
It seems like the pinch motion used on modern devices interfers with the built in double-click zoom.

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I completely understand the frustration on working with the mod GUI on an iPad, but it’s all I have to work with in my set up right now.

A big issue that I experience outside of the issue you are having (which I also struggle with) is having the page refresh while trying to grab the input cables from the left side of the screen.

I’m not sure what can be done about the issue though, even if I’m being careful I’ll still accidentally reload the page. Trying to make a mobile app for the GUI would add more cost and development time.

At least everything works on safari, but there are definitely some inconveniences while working on a touch screen device.