What could I do

Long post, so I’ll tldr at the end.

I’ve been waiting to get myself the Mod Duo X for a whole, with something coming up every time I was about to buy. However, I now have one on order and its going to be with me in five long weeks.

In the time I’ve been interested in the MDX I’ve had lots of ideas of how to use it, which is part of the reason for my post.

I think I may have option paralysis.

I’m trying to think of a meaningful way in which to use the MDX on a regular basis and I’m looking for inspiration, or some thoughts on what community members would do in my case.

I’d also be interested in opinions on routing the gear with the MDX

If course I’m well aware that in order to know what I want to do, I have to have an idea of what I want to use it for and I am trying to find that gap, but again the plethora of options available to me are stopping me from being lazer focused.

I’m hoping that by looking at the list of kit some of you maybe able to make some suggestions that inspire me.

So my gear list:

Octatrack mk2
Akai force
Toraiz sp-16
Moog mother 32
Cyclone tt 303
Ableton 10/11 suite (pc)
Beringher x18

(in recent years I’ve moved away from a more analog synth and drum machine set up, to more of a sampler focused one)

Thanks to anyone that can be bothered to read the above and offer any suggestions!

TLDR: Option paralysis. So many ideas, but nothing focused. What do you suggest?

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Here’s how I use mine:

I use the Octatrack as the center of my live rig. My guitar goes into the MOD Duo for effects, and the MOD Duo goes into the Octatrack for looping. I also have the Octatrack sequencing external hardware synths.

To control the Octatrack with my feet, I use the Softstep 2. It plugs into the MOD via USB (I have a small USB hub connected to the MOD so I can connect multiple devices), and I have MIDI out from the MOD to the Octatrack. This way I can chain pattern changes with my foot while I play the guitar, in addition to stopping and starting playback.

I also have an expression pedal connected to the Softstep 2, which controls the Octatrack cross fader. The signal goes from the expression pedal to the Softstep 2, to the MOD, to the Octatrack. Since the expression pedal maps to the crossfader I can use it for a variety of effects.

I also like playing drums, so I have a MIDI drum pad (Bodpad) also connected to the MOD Duo via USB. The Bodpad triggers note in a drumkit plugin that the MOD has, so the audio gets mixed with the guitar before going to the Octatrack (I wish the MOD Duo had 4 outputs instead of 2).

The versatility of the MOD Duo (or X) is its biggest feature, IMHO, both for effects as well as a MIDI hub. Regardless of your setup and your workflow, it’s hard to not be able to benefit from a MOD device.


Excellent, and thanks for the indepth reply!

I’m sure I’ll find a way to integrate it eventually. Just so many options!!

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