What reverb do you use?

What reverb are you using?
I know that the Duo X is not a Big Sky or a Mercury7, but some of the effects sounds really good - like the Shiro shimmer and the Gaffa delay.
I just haven’t found the reverb Im looking for yet!

Im using it for my Nord Grand, Prophet-6 and now also my Subsequent 37 (that really would benefit from a nice sounding reverb).

I have been using the Calf Reverb but I find it a bit buggy so I dont want to count on it for live performances :slight_smile:

Coulndt Shiro make a great reverb too? It seems like they know what they are doing :wink:


Have you tried chaining a few?

I really like the TAL reverbs and use them in my daw as well.


Ive tried the TAL ones and others, maybe I need to adjust them better. I like the vibe of the new TAL-Reverb-II but there’s some bugs in that where the volume is suddenly really loud, I dont feel like using that live before that’s fixed :slight_smile:

That was fixed 2 weeks ago, did you update the plugin?


I have version 0.0.5. I can see its not suddenly increases the volume now, its just really loud. I know I can turn down on wet and dry, but when I load the plugin its set to 0db dry and -24.1db wet so it shouldn’t be really loud i guess? :thinking:

Thanks for reporting this. We were not yet aware of this bug, but indeed I tested it and it gets quite loud!

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