Whats going on with tap tempo delays?

So I’ve seen the list of pedals trhat work with tap.
I really think all delays should come with a tap tempo mode built in. Its really very important to me.
The list doesn’t seem to be relevant anymore from what I’ve been able to tell. For exampl i cant get the dub delay to assign tap to any actuater. It will assign a note delay value but I cant tap in the temp i want. it just cycles through all the possible note values. whole, dotted 8th, etc etc.
What am I doing wrong?


As mentioned in List of plugins with tap tempo

We removed tap-tempo for plugins, being replaced by the tempo divider related options.
Only the global BPM can used as tap-tempo right now

So you set the global BPM as tap-tempo (by assigning it to the device footswitch 1 or 2) and then you can use the tempo mapping functions for addressing tempo-related plugin parameters

Sorry FalkTX, thanks.


Here is a tutorial on it: https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Tutorial:_Using_Time_Based_Parameters

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