When I chain my arduino shield and my footswitch, the footswitch disconnects


Hi All,

I tried to resurrect an old thread, didn’t seem to get any notice, so I’m reposting as a new thread:

I have built a device with the arduino shield to let me use a conventional expression pedal. However, when I plug it in, and wiggle the pedal, the footswitch extender disconnects (its the MOD one, not a custom one). Somebody else had this same issue here: (My Control Chain Device (almost finished)) and it was supposedly fixed by @ricardocrudo in August of 2017, but I seem to be experiencing the problem.

My footswitch is at firmware 0.2.2, my arduino code is using 0.5.1 of the Arduino CC lib.

I literally took the expression pedal example from the ControlChain arduino lib, the only change I made was to calibrate the range that my expression pedal reads (changed the maximum from 1023 to ~800).

Please help! I’m so close to finishing this project!


Same problem here.
Tried a lot of things with my The TrippleCPedal (ControlChain) pedal, but
I wasn’t able to make it work reliably…
Often disconnects when i try to toggle the switches, or doesn’t ever get recognized at all…
After some time I put it in a box and left it there unfinished…
Which is a shame, because i really put some effort into it…
Has anyone in the community ever made something, that worked fine with the arduino shield?


Having looked at some of the “fixes” in the code, I suspect the problem is that devices with pots, or encoders I guess, anything that generates a large number of updates, floods the bus, and the other controllers don’t get to send their hear beat in time. I’m going to try limiting my pedal to 60hz, and see what happens.


It didn’t help.

I have another arduino and shield lying about, so I’ll have a crack (in a few weeks, when I get back from my holiday) at chaining two arduino projects and leaving out the MOD FootEx. I suspect the problem is with the footswitch.


Hey guys, to be honest i haven’t followed up with that problem and now my device is lying on a shelf… waiting for the MOD Expression Pedal.

But at some point i will try to reprogramm it - eager to see how you can solve the problem!


@gianfranco @ricardocrudo @Jakob anybody have any thoughts?


Hi @guysherman
I’m not experienced with Arduinos and the Control Chain. I will try to help you later but I have no time available in the next two weeks.