Why input on right side?


Something always triggers me with the Mod.

Why input is on the right side? (and output on the left side)

I feel like input on the left side is a more shared concept, like writing from left to right. And that’s what you do on your web interface for example.

Sorry if it was already asked many times. Maybe there is there a real reason for that? Thanks a lot.

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And why are the inputs in the Web GUI on the left?


yeah, it’s confusing that the GUI is different from the hardware, although at least my brain can relax in the GUI! :wink:

i think the hardware direction is a result of the (originally at least) guitar-centric design/user base… that’s how most guitar pedals are arranged, right?! not being a guitar player, i’ve been baffled by that most of my life!

That is correct.
Duo X being successor of the Duo in a way, keeps the same in-out direction.
The Dwarf has the connections on the back though, does this make it even weirder?

Anyway, reason for GUI to be left-to-right is also because it is just more common that way. (at least for us that make the project)

I like that… perhaps it allows some more flexibility in physical paddleboard arrangements, and is neater for desktop use.

Ah, that’s really interesting.
Now with connections on the sides for the DuoX, there was no obvious reason. Kind of backward compatibility makes sens.
Thanks a lot for the answer.

This is an industry standard. Pretty much all pedals have inputs on the right and outputs on the left. Since many mount their Mod Devices on pedalboards, it makes sense to follow that pattern.

Also, it’s also pretty standard that digitally, inputs are on the left and outputs are on the right. Is this confusing? Yes. But Mod Devices isn’t doing anything different by doing this.

I’ve been using Line 6 devices for over a decade so I’m used to this now, but I do understand how odd it is.