Width Plugin?

Is there a plugin that takes a stereo signal and can change the width with a knob? Stereo to Mono and maybe even some kind of super stereo!

I have a few reasons for something like this… One reason is that some extreme panned material can sound really bad in a live situation. I could play in mono but it would be nice to still be able to offer an in between option so that the audience can still get some stereo effect.

It would be cool to have a mono button so I don’t have to twist a knob all the way if I need to go to mono.
Also a phase switch in case there are some phase issues between the two channels.

Another reason I would like something like this is because I play two instruments through the Duo. In some situations I can send out two channels to the mixing board but other times the venue is only mono. A plugin like this would eliminate the need for me to make separate pedalboards for each instance…

What do you think?

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One thing that will have to happen is to reduce the overall volume when going into mono since there will be some signals adding on each other. Not sure if this can be automatic when turning the width knob or just provide a output volume… or use a gain plugin after the width plugin…

you’re looking for mid-side processing. There are some LV2 plugins to do this in the SWH collection or the eq10q set, there may be more. It doesn’t look like either of those 2 mentioned are on in stable though.

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Just checking in on this — are there any plugins that do mid/side decode and encode that are easily accessible now?

On the beta section of the Plugin Store you have two plugins that may help you.
The “Matrix: MS to Stereo” and the “Matrix: Stereo to MS”


Oh, that’s perfect! I didn’t find those when I was looking around previously.

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Is the MS to Stereo plugin something that I should be using when running a mono signal through stereo plugins and then back to one output? Or should I not worry about potential phase issues and just merge the two channels at some point towards the end of the chain? Thanks!

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there is those Calf beta plugins too :

A lot of useful knobs here !!!


It depends on the plugins. On my personal experience it’s nice to avoid inputing mono into stereo…but well…everything is about creativity and there’s no right or wrong :wink: