Wifi connectivity


I was wondering if there was already a way to connect through WIFI with the Mod-Duo ?
Maybe using a USB - Wifi Key ?


no, not yet.

the next version should have working bluetooth though.
initial tests have shown it to work quite nicely, just a bit slow to load resources. but once it’s cached (after you loaded a plugin once) subsequent loads should be much faster.

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I solved this by connecting the MOD to the router (the DSL wifi modem here also has a USB port). It needed a bit of tweaking, but this way I can move around with the laptop. The MOD has to stay put in that case.


Any plan in allowing Wifi connectivity (maybe via a USB dongle) in the future ? Or for the Mod X or the Dwarf ?

It would be cool to be able to use the Mod either as a device on the LAN or as a Wifi hotspot to which devices could connect (a bit like with the bluetooth currently)

WiFI dongles often needs proprietary firmware which can be problematic to distribute.
I had my fair share of pains with a few ones in my main PC.
The best way to go for this would be to pick a very few known good dongles, and mark them as the supported ones.

But would this work?
I propose it always has the wireless dongle in normal operation mode (not in “hotspot”/ad-hoc stuff) as we can connect over USB and set up the wireless network to connect to from there.
It would need a dedicated settings page/dialog though.

Or a config file to upload via ssh in the worst case. At least as a first approach :slight_smile:

Just go with a free software approved usb device

This one should obviously be supported, but if a handful of others was (maybe with a smaller form factor), that would be great !

Quick question to @falkTX: do these proprietary firmware need to by built especially for a give architecture ?

No, firmware works as-is. it is something that the chip itself runs, so it already pre-compiled for the needed architecture inside.

Yes, that makes sense of course.

In that case, maybe there would be a way to allow the user to ssh-copy whatever firmware they need into the mod. That would take the burden away from you guys (I mean, outside of that very limited subset that you might agree to maintain on your side). Actually, all that we would be needed on the community side would be a simple tool to build the particular kernel module that we would need for a particular chipset and a simple procedure to install it inside the mod along with whatever firmware is required.

Even if the MOD kernel supports devices like this out of the box, presumably modifications to the web UI are still required in order to configure the device with the right SSID / WPA passphrase etc., right?

But even before that, as @Azza suggested, maybe there is an ugly hack involving ssh which can already work as a first step? Has anyone managed this?

I think proper wifi support might be the only way to solve the Web UI over bluetooth very slow issue any time soon …