WOV issues?


Just upgraded, and installed a couple of the trial versions. The Shiroverb 2 is brilliant, will be buying that ASAP.

The WOV has amazing potential, but at the moment seems to have a serious issue with stereo imaging and a fairly significant level drop with no gain control to sort that out… Hope the dev can fix it, cos I can think of lots of fun uses for a crazy OTT trem :slight_smile:

Looking forward to digging into the other commercial pedals and blowing all my hard-earned cash on yet more crazy sounds! (Will also upload a couple of my more experimental boards soon with beta plugins on them…)



The output is not stereo. It has an internal generator and the second input is the output of the generator alone.

Alessio, the developer, sent us a collection of presets. They are already going upstream and an update of WOV including the presets is on the way. They are extremely helpful :wink:


woah, OK, I’ll give it another look then! That was confusing me a lot. There are a load of presets already in there - will go back through them in mono :slight_smile: (I can’t find anywhere in it that labels the two outputs, so that might be something to think about for the GUI)


Great. These are the ones I mentioned. They got upstream already :wink:

Yep. Agreed that the GUI should reflect that. We’ll contact the dev.