Wrapping ChucK/libchuck in LV2 plugin

Might there be any interest in helping wrap ChucK/libchuck in LV2 to run effects written in ChucK on the MOD platform?

I have much experience writing effects in the ChucK language

but little on the C/C++ plugin API side of things.

I first mentioned this in my introduction post on the forum and now that a MOD Dwarf is finally on its way, I’m more interested than ever!


My recommendation would be to look at using GitHub - DISTRHO/DPF: DISTRHO Plugin Framework as the wrapper. It saves you from having to write a lot of the boilerplate code needed to get to a functioning plugin.
For HVCC I’m also using DPF to create LV2 builds and it was quite doable.

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Thank you, I will give DPF a further look!

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