Wrote a mod-ui docker container


Hey all,
Thoucht you might want to know I used Zynthian’s build scripts to build a docker container that runs mod-ui.
So if you have any linux machine with docker, you can run mod-ui on it:

  1. Start jack on (example when user running jack 2 is user id 1000)
  2. To run it:
docker volume create --name=mod-ui-data
docker run -p 8888:8888 --user=1000 -v /dev/snd:/dev/snd:rw -v /dev/shm:/dev/shm:rw -v mod-ui-data:/home/moduser/mod-ui/data guysoft/mod-ui
  1. Connect to localhost:8888 to user mod-ui

Source code:

Also posted on Zynthian at:


Updated, now the container mounts a volume that saves all your pedalboard data, so you can

  1. Update the container later on
  2. Have multiple containers with different pedals
  3. Not loose stuff when recreating the container