X12 step sequencer

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I would love to see a 12 beat or even 24 beat step sequencer.
It would really help me break out of the 4/4 mold.
I’m trying to use 3/4, hemiola and 4/3 polyrhythm and the closest I can come is using 2 step sequencers with one running through the Bollie delay set to “triplets”.
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Custom number of steps would be ideal😇


Perhaps possible with Cardinal, with a reset signal that triggers every 12 steps. Then the CV signal can be converted to MIDI.
But maybe not ideal as changing the sequence would require the use of a PC.

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I managed to make an automatic reset signal with physical midi loopback (before the virtual was added) and the note to CC plugin, but I don’t remember how exactly.
Maybe it’s a small lead for some kind of workaround?

Hoping really that X42 could adjust a few parameters to the existing 8 or 16 step sequencer.
I might have sounded a bit esoteric talking about polyrythyms, but 6/8 and 12/8 shuffle beats are really part of “burger and fries” of mainstream music.


I’d like to add that I would gladly pay for a custom step sequencer!
I just bought the TTAP delay, still in beta. It does a lot, but it had me at stereo reverse gating.
Love me some reverse guitar! :guitar: :arrow_left:
The Moddevices TAP Reflector did it in mono, but I’m playing a stereo rig.


Me too!


Would also love a sequencer where the time signature could be customized.