X42 - IR Convolver

We just pushed a new IR Convolver to the Store as beta.
This is the one that allows you to load big files.

It has both mono and stereo variants.
By default it uses multiple threads for background processing, easing up on CPU load but introducing 1 cycle of latency. This can be turned off on the plugin settings as needed.
No modgui yet, and might still be tweaked a bit in terms of default preset and other minor details.

Plugin originally coded by our dear @x42 (using the zita-convolver and fftw behind the scenes)
The source code for it is at https://github.com/x42/zconvo.lv2 for those that want to check those kinda things.

Now, from my tests the Duo can load quite a good range of IRs but has trouble with the bigger files.
Dwarf and Duo X were able to handle all files I could throw at it :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Try it out and let us know what you think!


Found 1 little issue, reported to the author but we can fix it if he is busy with other things.
When loading a pedalboard sometimes the IR file is not loaded, instead keeping the default/initial one.
The plugin refuses to load an IR file while it is still loading a previous one, which in our case is the default/initial one.
Something to fix soon (and surely before pushing to stable), but it does not prevent testing for now.


beautiful! i design reverb impulse responses all the time in my production work, so it’s great to see this on the MOD platform!


So great to have an onboard convolver option.


This is so F Awesome! Thanks so much. Disbelief at the CPU not even flinching with 20 sec tails in stereo.

The primary reason I bought the Mod Duo X was to replace 80’s/90’s rack reverbs for live use. This has now delivered on an epic scale.


Wonders of background processing :sweat_smile:
The Duo X with 6 cores handles it quite fine.


Updated the plugin just now, still in beta but now has a modgui and fixed the issue with quick loading of IR files (“next” file is put on hold in a queue for later loading if one is already being loaded)

The modgui is not final, opinions / suggestions are welcome.



Another update, after talking with @x42 he merged the changes needed for a queue-type system (in a different way, but same idea), so that is part of upstream/official project now :slight_smile:
For MOD some little tweaks were still needed, but from my testing it works well after those.

Still to do is optimizations/tweaking taking into consideration the MOD units.
On desktop the plugin could run at any arbitrary buffer size, but on MOD only 128 and 256 frames are allowed for now. And we know in advance how many cores the target system will have, so we can tweak the plugin a bit to behave better under these known conditions.

The GUI is updated too, @x42 approved :+1:


So it shouldn’t be long to get this pushed into the (stable) store.


Mod DuoX user here, the moment I drop the plugin (both mono & stereo versions) on my pedalboard, the ui freaks out. Reloading does not fix it, only changing the pedalboard through the device again and then reloading the browser.


I can confirm this @christosku.
I even listen to the hardware bypass relays of the DuoX acting when it disconnects. It feels like as if something was rebooting.
ping on this @falkTX


Yeah I can reproduce it, it crashes the audio host, which brings down the whole audio.


plugin is updated, has been fixed to work on duo and duox now


Me yesterday, quite literally with my new DuoX:

“oooo, there is a Cab IR host, I wonder if there’s a convolution reverb in the works?”

Had a play for 3 hours this afternoon and it’s working great for me, very very nice.


Plugin has been updated again, now with tweaks for MOD units in specific.
Hopefully no side effects, give it a try and let us know how it works!


Such a great effect! Very inspiring possibilities


Another small update.
Just to report that the bypass/enable is now click-free.


Yet another update.
Some more tweaking to the background thread processing.
Duo and Dwarf should be able to load bigger files, tested with a 7 second one.

And while the Duo can load and run such big files, you cannot really make much more than that when those are active.


Mine is working great, I am super happy with it. I have 3 long verbs running in parallel and the DuoX handles it just fine.


This is brilliant, thank you.

The only thing I can see missing is the ability to assign which Impulse Response is being used to a hardware control, knob, midi or whatever so you can change IR without being hooked up to a computer.


This is possible by memorizing 1 user preset/ IR and assigning a knob to the “AssignAll” function of the presets.