XLR microphone


Hi everyone.

A probably very straightforward question to answer : what is the best way to plug a dynamic microphone (with XLR connector) into the MOD ?


Hi Azza,

Small (cheap) preamp with unsymetric output (perhaps with phantom power)?

Regards, Holger


if you don’t need phantom power (i suspect so), you can just buy or solder a xlr->ts cable.
That’s quite straight forward.
something like this works just fine: https://www.thomann.de/de/the_sssnake_smp6bk_mikrofonkabel.htm?ref=search_rslt_xlr+ts_163859_9

more elegant is (if you have a pedalboard) to install a short adapter cable on the board and you just plug in your xlr cable.


Yep, I dont need any phantom (Sennheiser E835).

Thanks for the tips


Fwiw, I use these: http://www.neutrik.com/en/accessories/circular-adapters/na2fp


Thanks for the input. I have indeed bought something similar.

It works, but the noise level at the end of the day is not super satisfying. I am not an expert in microphones, but I thought the E835 would produce something a bit better. Possibly I am missing some understanding for getting better results. I think I remember an older post about microphones for wind instruments in the forum. I’ll try to look it up to check if there is not something that could help me there.

Thanks to everyone for your help !