1.11 version

I would like to know about when version 1.11 will be available for the Nano, thanks.

Nano what?

You mean the Dwarf?

And well, v1.11 will be available when ready.
We have almost all of the new implementations done by now, I have some tasks for myself regarding snapshots and Jan is finalizing some last controller changes.
We will begin doing internal testing + fixing very soon, internally gathering bugs in tickets before pushing out the update officially.

The very first public release will be an optional Release Candidate, where we still allow some things to change. After the RC period is over we then publish the v1.11 as auto-update to users.


I suspect for the Mod Duo Nano since there were in the past for all devices (Mod - /Duo-Nano/Duo/Duo-X/Dwarf) the new OS versions.
Has this changed now what, now gets each individual device its own OS version (number)?
A (non-binding) roadmap would be nice. :+1:

Sorry I have no idea what you are talking about

Maybe Mod-Duo with NAND storage, not NANO?


Right, I and probably the thread creator meant NAND.
I forgot that there is also a DuoX pre-purchasers with slightly different hardware (CPU).

I hope I have expressed myself clearly

“Dwarf”—> “Nano” in Italian :smiley::smiley:


not really, I dont know what you are trying to say

I can only guess about nand vs not nand. in that case, all new units made since late 2020 have emmc, we are not doing units with nand anymore. and duox and dwarf never used nand in the first place, always emmc.