A couple of new plugins (remaincalm Floaty delay and Paranoia bitcrusher)



I’m loving these plugins. Well done!
I really like playing the Paranoia Distortion with the Invert preset into the Mud Modulation with the Vibe preset with the mix turned down a little. I place a low pass filter to take out some of the top end harshness. Nice fat fuzz sound!
The Avocado is fun to turn on and almost play like a question and response like playing. I play a bit then let it glitch out and I respond to the glitch and it responds to me and I respond back… and so on… FUN!
Floaty gives dimension to the sound.

My notes/comments:
On the Paranoia Distortion I hear a low level fuzz still coming though after the main sound gates out. Is this intentional? Just a little strange to hear my playing even thought I think it’s gated out…
Is there a way to set the point where the gating cuts out? I love the Invert preset but I want it to sustain just a little bit more before it gates the sound out.

Really great plugins and looking forward to using these. Very unique but very usable. Thanks!


Paranoia - yeah, so it’s a bit of a weird one.
It’s my guitar-focused/simplified take on the OTO Biscuit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7Bs9jDw3Mw

The Crush and Mangle controls are interactive.
Crush has three ranges:

  • left: 6-bit, variable resample frequency (closer to middle -> lower frequency)
  • right: 10-bit, variable resample frequency (closer to middle -> lower frequency)
  • far right: 10-bit, 48kHz (no resample)

Mangle slides between different bit manipulation patterns - these are the preset patterns emulating the buttons on the front of the Biscuit. Whole numbers are a simple pattern, decimals slide between the patterns on either side.

If you’re getting weird noise instead of it gating out, there are two options:

  • swap the Crush knob to the mirror location on the other side, or
  • mess with the Mangle knob to find a better bit-flip pattern


The Avocado is a weird one as well.
I should write up some proper notes on them at some point.

It continuously samples input into one of five (I think) slots.
When you stop playing, it randomly plays back out of those buckets.
It tries to keep out of the way while you’re playing.
I used to have a ton of extra controls on there but I prefer minimal - it’s basically tuned for how I use it now and that’s probably ok :slight_smile:


I just checked out that video of the OTO Biscuit. It’s a really cool box! I imagine it’s very expensive. The BIM is $550.


@dan_remaincalm Beautiful plugs! I just got my mod duo this week and these are the kind of creative plugins that make the mod duo really engaging for me. They also play really nicely with each other. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for the kind comments! It’s appreciated.


These sound great and I’d love to try them! Sorry for the stupid question, but where are these instructions? I couldn’t find them and I thought this was the forum. I also can’t find any instructions for installing unstable/untested plugins in general - only a post saying that it’s discouraged…

Ah OK, finally found http://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Developers#Unstable_plugins … WOW! That’s a lot of unstable plugins :smiley: If even half of them stabilise, that’s an insane number of new plugins to play with. I’ve been hacking Linux stuff since the early 1990s so hopefully it’s OK for me to risk it!


the remaincalm ones are solid - the current builds regularly survive multi-hour jams on my rig - but no formal guarantees are made on stability. i’m sure it’s possible you could get into a weird state where they consume a lot of CPU or something but so far they’ve been fine for me.

across the others, the quality ranges from “perfect, should be available ASAP”, to “good but close duplicate of existing plugs” to “sound great but defaults are weird and there are too many knobs that do nothing” to “emits screeching modulated white noise before crashing the pedal”. but there’s a certain appeal to that weird unpredictability of them all.


Softube just released the OTO Biscuit plugin for UAD-2/Apollo

FYI - Floaty with the “slap” preset with the delay set to 40ms has become a staple in my sound!


on UAD:
ha! awesome. fwiw, paranoia is inspired by the biscuit topology but they’re very different boxes. i’ve used one but i haven’t opened it up or analyzed the schematic or filter or anything - i just liked how it sounded and tried to figure out something to get the same kind of vibe with as few knobs as possible. then the guitar version is tweaked again to sound good on guitar and bass (the original reaper-based plugin is tuned for drums).

on floaty:
thanks! glad you like it. i’ve deliberately tuned floaty so it has a ton of character - by default you get modulation, overdrive and filtering on the feedback path, so it’s very “tape/analog”.



Some of my favourite plugs for Reaper, I’m stoked!

Except I’m too rubbish to work out how to enable the developer options…


wait a few more hours, 1.5-RC1 is being released, in there you can go to settings and allow unstable plugins.


I’ve been playing with these last few days - nice job!


are these close to stable? I’d love to try them, but can’t really risk running unstable plugins when I use my Duo every day for recording… :slight_smile:


they’ve been pretty solid for me!

but the thing about testing is that there may be latent bugs that only become apparent with weird use. e.g. someone sets all the knobs to max, maybe cpu usage triples from steady state, that sort of thing. one of the bugs I fixed early on was that loading from a preset would glitch the filter settings and the EQ would be different from what you saved.

there are no known open issues at this point though.

thanks for the positive feedback, btw!


They’ve been pretty stable for me and I ues most of them as parts of ambient boards