A feedback loop plugin? Or any way to make one without risk?

I wanted to recreate something like the Total Sonic Annihilation 2 by DBA without the risk of damaging the Dwarff or make an extremely loud sound. Any tips or plugins for doing this? Thank you!

I don’t know if it works, but you could try to create a Feedback-Loop inside the Dwarf, and put a Limiter inside the loop. This way you could maybe control the maximum output volume.
I also remember someone asking this question a few months ago, but couldn’t find it.


I would say that this is indeed that best option @jesusperezsv. More safe and with more control

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if anyone finds or creates an example of this, plz share!

This thread about feedback Two questions ?

Full disclosure, I never did buy the Mod Duo. I had some great results creating Pd and Max patches and loading them onto an Owl, but the hardware interface was unbearable. Got a Beebo only to be let down by the creator’s unshakable fear of feedback loops, and the latency. Got a ZOIA and couldn’t be happier…well, maybe if I had a Euroburo as well! :thinking: