About the Dwarf Beta Testing category


Welcome to the MOD Dwarf beta testing forum!

The use of this forum for beta testing will require practice from all of us to make sure, that the information remains orderly and accessible.
This post details the guidelines in how we use and maintain the #dwarf-beta category of this forum.

Forum Layout

The Dwarf Beta forum consists of three categories:

General Discussion

This category is for all communication other than bugs and feature requests. Feedback is welcome, as well as anything else you would like to discuss.

Bug Reports

Use this category for reporting bugs. Post new bugs that have not already been posted as a topic and we can begin a dialog about reproduction steps, comments and questions.

Feature Requests

We will use this category to gather feature requests and other ideas which will allow us to communicate on each request individually and further discuss the details.

Forum Rules

Avoid reposts

Please invest some time and have a look around the forum to see if the topic you want to post or the bug you have discovered has not already been posted.

Single topics

When adding to a topic, please keep the conversation around that discussion. Otherwise please create a new topic in the appropriate category

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Mine arrives today. Any updates to know about? I imagine it will let me know when I open it.

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