Adding mutliple assigns to a switch

Loving the MOD DUO.
Would it be possible to add the functionality of adding multiple assigns to a foot switch.
For example: for external foot switch 1 to turn on/off multiple effects.
At the moment it can be only assigned to 1 effect at a time.


Hi @PascalG,

This is something that I brought up a while ago and I believe they are working on it.
The current solution is to use the Preset function and set scenes with multiple things on/off. For some instances the Preset function will work well like using for scrolling through parts of a song but in a more jamming/improv setting it would be great to hit a footswitch to make the sound dirty and another one that is clean and each turns on/off different plugins.

An idea (this is for the MOD team) may be to be able to assign specific presets to a footswitch. But being able to switch on/off multiple plugins with a footswitch may be easier for people to conceptualize. Either way works for me…

Yeah, that would be great if it could be arranged.
I’ve found changing presets can take a while for the change to initiate so having multiple assigned effects to 1 switch would be super handy.
Thanks for the reply SkyDiver.
Have a great weekend.

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:+1: This would be a really cool feature to have. Imagine being able to assign a potentiometer to an overdrive and fuzz pedal simultaneously to sweep from low-gain to a complete wall of destruction and everything in between with one movement of your foot. Or combining it with bit-crushing effects shining when applied to clipping input… or ambient sounds where the input increases reverb and decreases delay (and vice versa).

Might be even sweeter than the support for file loading (impulse responses, songs etc…) which is the top item on my wish list.


Yeah. Totally agree.
With that kind of functionality it would be really interesting.
Also having multiple functions from 1 switch.
Say holding down a switch for 2 seconds goes to Looper mode or pedalboard preset mode where the 4 switches can change a new set of 4 parameters or even single parameters if set up that way.
But…file loading IS still the top of my list.
That would be a really interesting way of playing back tracks for gigs.
Can’t wait till that is implemented.

Hi @Skydiver,

is there a specific thread / place you monitor for this feature, in order to know if it’s coming soon, and related discussions?
I saw an exchange between you and @gianfranco where he mentioned this being considered internally, but having questions in term of usability.


Hi @leDamien,

I haven’t heard anything further since I posted the question 9 months ago… (I can’t believe it’s been that long… So many great stuff has happened since then with the Duo.) Assign multiple functions to one footswitch?

@gianfranco - Is there any news on the possibility of implementing this function?

I can see how having multiple things assigned to one footswitch can become very confusing… It would be nice for it to turn on some things but then turn off other things with just one push of a button…
But there is more than one way to skin a cat… This is what I love about the Duo… There is more than one way to achieve the goal. I’ve been using switches and routing to, essentially, turn on/off multiple plugins… really just bypassing things…

Another great thing would be to be able to assign different pedalboard presets (AKA Scenes) to different footswitches. For example, I would have intro on extension footswitch 1, Verse on footswitch 2, Chorus on 3, Solo on 4.
I would use a second CC Footswitch extension to assign single single plugins I may want to turn on/off within a preset. I’ve seen rig rundowns on youtube where the guitarist has their AxeFx set up like that.
It would be nice to be able to get to whatever pedalboard preset with just one button on an external footswitch.

@PascalG for a bit more $$ you can try using the Morningstar MC6 Midi controller. I use the controller with my Mod and it works flawlessly! Each switch you can send up to 8 midi commands so it will do what you ask.

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I know the KM SoftStep can send out multiple midi commands from a single footswitch.

However, it’s a real pain in the ass to try and get them assigned to different functions since the Duo only assigns using Midi Learn…
You would hit a button and it would blast out all the midi messages and whichever one that sticks to that function would be the one to be assigned. This may not be such a problem with a single footswitch.

I tried assigning the Source Audio Hot Hand and it’s a real nightmare… different midi device… I only use one axis of the hot hand so I turned all the unused axises off in their software before plugging into the Duo… but it would be nice to be able to choose by typing in the source rather than using the Midi Learn all the time. When I want to start using other axises I will have to turn one on then plug it into the duo, use midi learn, unplug, turn on next axis, plug into duo, use midi learn, and so on…

The flip-side of this would be the ability to have multiple controllers (including the web UI) assigned to the same parameter. This may seem confusing but works perfectly with (for example) the Roland VG99.

That way you could -
a) Change a control from the screen without it saying “this has already been assigned” - infuriating if it’s been assigned to a controller that you don’t have with you at the time.
b) Assign one of the Mod’s own switches to a parameter, but also assign it to a switch on your big pedalboard for bigger gigs.

I’d put this at #1 on my feature requests list at the moment.


In terms of usability, I have programmed a sequencer, a drums to which I would like to add a rhythm guitar connected to the Loop and I would like with a single Switch to turn off the sequencer and activate Loop recording. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can do this with CV controls - see my simple board here: Pedalboards - MOD Devices


I know it’s possible with CV, but it would be really nice to have this natively. It would also be nice to be able to have both a hardware control and a midi control attached to the same control point.

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I don’t see anything of what I would like to do in your pedalboards, could you tell me which one you are referring to in particular?
My pedalboard is this: Bossa Jamming - MOD Devices

what i want is:

1 turn off the sequencer
2 Stop the recording of the Sooper Looper

Obviously by pressing a single button with my foot.

If you look at my board I am turning recording on and off and play on and off with one switch on all three loopers using the CV controllers at the side. Although I am doing the same thing on 3 pedals that are the same there is no reason not to do it with different ones, See here: CV Tutorial - MOD Wiki (

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Yes, now I’ve seen, the problem remains of not being able to start the sequencer in time. I would also need the Synchronous. Basically it doesn’t make me assign Sequencer power up and Synch to the CV control. Anyway thank you, your info is precious to me.


As an additional thing here, coming in v1.11 is the “midi loopback” port.
When enabled you will see a new MIDI output port on the side of the pedalboard.
MIDI data sent to it will loopback/feedback in the system on the next audio cycle, basically allowing plugins to generate MIDI CC (or pitchbend for higher resolution data) which can be used as MIDI learn.

This is an alternative to (sorta) “macro controls” with CV.

The v1.11 will be dwarf-only initially though.


That is fantastic!

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If you’ve already got a plugin generating MIDI CC on loopback but you want to map a control to a different CC, how do you stop it learning the generated CC?

assign the unwanted CC to something else temporarily, and do a midi-learn again for new CCs.
when done, remove the first CC/learn

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