ALO random start/stop time?

@devcurmudgeon howdy, sir!

love the ALO – very nice for looping when i need to do that in a global-BPM-locked context, and it’s currently the only MOD looper that does that!

however, there’s one thing i need to do, which doesn’t seem to be possible: start loop playback at a beat that doesn’t correspond to beat 1 of the currently running loop length. i’d still like it locked to the BPM, just with the ability to start playback on ANY beat (and, ideally, stop playback, before the loop end as well).

i.e. when a loop’s button is toggled off, it keeps playing until the end of the loop, and then if i wait until after beat 1 of the loop length to toggle it back on, playback doesn’t start until beat 1 comes around again.

yes, i know that’s how ALO is designed to work. :slight_smile: :wink: …and that’s a great feature sometimes, but it would be super-nice to have a mode in which playback starts or stops at the beat immediately after the button is toggled.

i thought perhaps i could fake something like that by stopping host transport, hoping the loop might start playing when i start transport again, but it seems ALO dumps its loops when transport is stopped.

any thoughts about this sort of function?


Hello @plutek and developers, namely @devcurmudgeon,

you mean a function that triggers the loop on the next quantized beat or measure slice, being it

  • next measure
  • half measure
  • quarter note
  • 1/6th note
  • 1/8th note
    -1/12th note
  • 16th note
  • 1/24th note
  • 1/32th note perhaps
    It’s a bit mathematics involved for the looper recognizing not only the length of the loop in measures/beats/notes//ticks but to count the time to wait before starting the loop again…
    It might be doable i.e. start the loop on the next eighth note (in a 1/16th grid waiting for the 2nd following 16th note).
    A function that calls/starts the loop at the following n-th beat.
    This would be a very nice feature!

Greetings and God bless, Marius


@plutek sorry for the slow reply. I’ve taken a shot at this.

There’s now a “PER-BEAT LOOPS” setting:

  • Default is 0 - all the loops function same as before
  • If you set it to 6, all loops can be resumed and stopped on the next whole beat after button change.

Please let me know if it works the way you were hoping.

I’m thinking about your other ideas also…


@devcurmudgeon this is superb!

again, as with the BPM rounding issue, i’ll report back when i’ve checked it out…currently on tour for a bit, so it’ll be a few weeks down the road…

but your implementation sounds ideal for what i’ve been trying to do! :sunglasses:

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