Arduino: how to print something on serial monitor


Hello, I try to use arduino shield with control chain. I must say that I didn’t think to be so far to something working well.
I can’t make a simple program to have 2 buttons with leds, that would be really the minimum. Is there any example of that ?

Something really hard is that I don’t know how to show informations from code anywhere (Serial.print() doesn’t works, and since we are plugged to the mod duo…).

I’ve got really frequent control chain disconnect when I try to assign a button.


Hello @houston4444

The easiest way to start is using one of the examples. You’ll find them at File > Examples > ControlChain. There is a button example in there.

Also check these blog posts for further information:

You won’t be able to use the Serial to debug since it’s being used by the library.


Ok, I did already use Button.ino example, and already read the tutorial. I’ll take a look to distance sensor, it seems to be amazing.

Last night, I arrived to get two buttons and leds working using assignment->id in updateLed fonction.

I also call an updateAssignment fonction related to CC_EV_ASSIGNMENT to get led status just when Button is assigned to a plugin switch, it works.

CC_EV_UNASSIGNMENT seems to not work.

The main bug I have now, is that updateLED seems to not be call when i switch presets (if button is assigned to an effect that is ON on one preset, and OFF on another one). I also have controlchain disconnection when I switch many times these presets.

huge disappointment: It’s not possible to affect a controlchain button to global tempo, button doesn’t appears in menu, grrrrr.