Assignment/Setting Question


questions asked in the video YT - Meet the MOD Duo X | A Magic Rectangle :

  • Is it possible to set the range to negative (-127 to 127)?
  • Is it possible to assign several parameters with one controller?
  • More pages?

I would like to know if this is technically possible, musically interesting?

Cheers :sunglasses:

@ModDou_Developer Would that be technically possible to implement?

What do the other ModDuo users think?
I would find these functions useful.

You can always change the ranges, assuming the plugin supports it

Yes, made possible in v1.9 with the CV output addressing.

This is coming in a later update, likely v1.10, since it is “just” adding a few more colors.

Great! That sounds very good. Thanks a lot.

Does it also work with the Devices/MIDI controllers?

Yes of course. You just map the “meta”-like control-to-cv parameter to a MIDI CC.

Great :sunglasses: and thanks for support.

Is it possible to browse the pages backwards, both directions?

no, but there are only a few ones anyway (they cycle back at the end)

OK. Where browsing backwards can be very useful in some cases. IMHO

Is this also possible (or will be in a not too long time) possible with the Duo?

@khz We hear you,

When we enable the use of (up to) 6 pages instead of 3, we will also change the device setting called “PAGES MODE”. Currently it switches between “1 BUTTON” and “3 BUTTONS”. The setting will change to switch between “1 BUTTON” and “2 BUTTONS”, where the two buttons will be used for prev/next page, and the third push button will still be available for instant snapshots.




With firmware version 1.9 and over the Duo is also capable of doing the same thing.

  • Drag in the MOD Control to CV plugin
  • Click on “Manage CV Ports” in the top bar of the web interface
  • Enable output of MOD Control to CV by clicking the checkbox and optionally give it a nicer name (I’d suggest something like “MACRO X”)
  • Now MACRO X is available as an addressing source under “CV”, you can assign it to as many plugin parameters as you desire
  • Map the “Control” parameter of the MOD Control to CV plugin to a device actuator and voila, your macro is all set up



How about e. g:
To turn the pages forward press the “2 BUTTON”,
to turn the pages backward press the “2 BUTTON” and simultaneously the “1 BUTTON”.

The setting in “Device Settings” - “Pages Mode” > “3 buttons” is very good.