Automatic Compiler for Gen~

Hi all,

would be nice to know if an automatic compiler for gen~ code to mod plugins is expected in the near future (next update) or it’s just a plan on the long-term,


+1 super request for this!!!

Gen~ /Max support was my main reason for purchasing a MOD Duo - I think this would open the MOD Duo to a huge amount of Max users

My main reason too, would be great to hear someone from the team to know their plans about that feature

It’s certainly on the plans.
We started a skeleton/template to be able to automate it later on.


Cross-compilation for MOD (linux armv7) is not as easy as we first thought, so that part is not finished yet.
But you can already (re)use that github project to create native (for your pc) LV2 and VST plugins based on max gen~ objects.

Thanks falk,

so I need to copy the gen sources into the plugin folder or source folder?
Can I use this process to compile under Windows 10 or it only works on Linux and MacOS?

The README says:

Copy gen_exported.cpp and gen_exported.h into the plugin folder


For now it only works on Linux and MacOS.
Can perhaps work on windows if you have cygwin.
On Windows 10 with Linux-compatibility (bash) enabled it can be made to work with some tricks, still need to try that myself.

I’ll try it out thanks.
I’m not a developer so I still hope an automatic compiler will be released soon…or at least a more clear step-by-step guide for non-developers who just want to compile their own gen code for the Mod Duo on the fly.
Actually is a pretty time consuming process… :slight_smile:


The target is to have a service on the cloud that compiles the plugins for you,
so you won’t have to deal with code, compilers or anything like that.


very excited about the cloud service