Backing track automation

Hi! I recently got my Dwarf and i am very surprised how easy is develop very good setup if you know what you want. I like guitar sound possibilities and sounds. I used to gig with my VL3 Extreme. It has so lame disortion/od-guitarsounds so i had to use external effect for that. Dwarf is different. One channel for guitar and one channel for vocal. Great and working setup with included bt-player. Only one small device and PA. But VL3X have backing track automation. I do not like use midi controller for changing effects during playing and singing. I like to focus my overall performance. Is it possible to control plugins with playing syncronized midifiles containing CC-messages or program changes? Other solution perhaps?


You can do this in multiple ways.
The first one that pops in my head now is to use a MIDI file player with a loaded MIDI file using some note sequence, then a Note to CC to convert those notes to CC messages and then map those CC messages on the effects you want.
Anyway, I think that inside the MOD platform you may even be able to get this in a simpler way.

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Thanks! I will study this device and give information when i find proper solution…

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