Boards not saving properly / frozen on start up

Morning All

I’ve got a really annoying issue with my DUO - in that when I’ve saved a board in the web editor - shut down my session for the night - come back to it in the morning and just switch on the Duo (without using the ‘constructor’ web page) and the last couple of control mappings haven’t saved on to the board… typically if I then boot up the web editor and reassign Knob 2 and other midi mappings they all start working again… until the next time I switch it on from cold…

The other issue that occurred this morning was the Duo didn’t respond to my Softstep pedal - and seemed to be frozen - stuck with a Shiro verb on - I didn’t have time to trouble shoot it and will see what the problem might be later… I just find all the sort of stuff really frustrating with the DUO - I love it but it does random things that make me worry about taking it out for serious gigs

Any help or comments appreciated



Hi there. some questions to help understand the issue…

What version of the MOD software do you have installed on the Duo? (seen by the “v=…” in the browser URL.
Also how much time do you allow between saving and turning off the power?

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I’m still on a later version of 1.6 - I updated recently through the GUI - was thinking I should probably move the most stable version of 1.7 - can you recommend which one is best?

As I described it’s usually overnight - so I’ll power down leave it say 12-24 hours and then switch on again and the last couple of control mappings will not be saved - so I have to log on to the GUI and save them again…

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The most stable one is 1.8-RC5 for now.
Even though it is RC, the only things missing now should not affect much.
(button mappings dont roll over, new “user profile” options not saved&restored properly on duos, and minor things regarding web browser cache)
The final/stable 1.8.0 will be out very very shortly, hopefully this friday.

Please give that a try and let me know if it changes anything regarding this issue.

v1.6 is quite old now, but because v1.7 was focused more on the Duo X, a couple of things that Duo needs were not present there.
we hope to get everyone on the same version again, tracking down issues with old releases is not nice…
but it is temporary, soon everyone will be on the same page. (I mean release) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice - I successfully upgraded to 1.8 - was a lot easier than I anticipated and the OS is way better - much faster too!

My only major issue now is a regular but intermittent clicking - like every couple of minutes - I noticed it yesterday when doing some recording with a friend. It’s there again today - is this a known bug/issue?

Thanks again - getting there with the Duo!!!

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Hello @MikeFlynnBass.

yes, the release up/downgrade is easy to manage.
Until uploading your pedalboard/ snapshot to the public and testing by other users there are a lot of guesses…
Trying to break it down… periodic clicks might hint an xrun occurs while processing. When your mod duo is connected to a web browser there is a resettable xrun counter in the web UI that might indicate it.

  • You might use effects that, in sum, cause these hearable artifacts. You might change your plugins for others
  • You might use a frame bufffer rate of 256 instead of 128. This causes more latency but reserves yor plugins computation time to get rid of xruns.
  • Save your pedalboard and close your web browser (and unplug it from your computer connection). In this case there is no web traffic showing your shiny pedalboard snapshot…
    Someone wiser might chime in with additional help.

Hope that helps
Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Hey Guys

Quick update - I switched the latency to 250fps and that helped ease the CPU load - and I updated to the latest OS and things are looking up - got some great sounds going and all with reduced noise, no clicks and much improved speed on the unit - looking forward to diving in again soon :grinning:


Hello @MikeFlynnBass,

that is quite nice to hear. Some effects need more latency and if you can live with that, even better.
Just feel free to ask here for additional help.

Greetings and God bless, Marius