Bug switching pedalboards with accent via MIDI program change



When pedalboard name contains accent(s) (example: été, voilà, …), switch current pedalboard via midi program change is buggy.

I can’t see clearly when it exactly append, but allmost time program change is ignored if current pedalboard contains accent.

How to reproduce

  1. Rename (or save as) a pedalboard which contains accent
  2. Put it in a bank
  3. Unplug connection to computer (USB/B)
  4. On Mod Duo, go to bank, select the bank containing the pedalboard with accent
  5. Send MIDI program change to the MOD Duo, go to this pedalboard
  6. Try to re-send a program change, allmost times, it will be ignored


Special characters (accents included) usually create bugs. I’d recommend avoiding them.


Ok, that’s what i’ve done.
If it’s too hard to fix, the minimal would be to prevent user to name a pedalboard with special characters.
For non english speaker user, it’s not natural to write without accent.